Current Teaching (2023-24)

  • Foundation Mathematics (MAC101)
  • Vector Calculus (MA2832)
  • Fields and Galois Theory (MA3811)

Previous Teaching

Below is a partial list of courses I taught on the MMath Mathematics degree at the University of Bolton, UK

  • Abstract Algebra (MMA4001)
  • Mathematical Methods (MMA4003)
  • Linear Algebra (MMA5005)
  • Further Mathematical Methods (MMA5003)
  • Real Analysis (MMA5006)
  • Further Linear Algebra (MMA6002)
  • Fluid Dynamics (MMA6003)
  • Group Theory (MMA5005)
  • Complex Variables (MMA6006)
  • Applied Analysis (MMA7001)
  • Lie Groups and Differential Equations (MMA7003)

I also taught a number of modules to engineers encompassing various mathematical methods:

  • Foundation Mathematics (ATT3027)
  • Engineering Principles II (AME4063)
  • Engineering Mathematics (MSP4017)
  • Engineering Mathematics II (MSP5017)
  • Biomedical Engineering and Analysis (BME5001)
  • Mathematics and Structural Design (CIE4012)
  • Engineering Mathematics and Structures (CIE5004)