Research Summary

I am interested in applying analytical and differential geometric techniques to solve problems in classical and quantum physics. Previous work has covered areas in:

  • classical electrodynamics (linear, nonlinear, scattering)
  • quantum electrodynamics (Casimir stresses, light-matter interaction)
  • continuum mechanics (elasticity, fluid dynamics)
  • General Relativity (gravitational waves, astrophysical jets, cosmology)

My published work has application to areas such as star formation; laser-plasma acceleration; quantum encryption; the genesis of astrophysical jets; and modelling the early Universe.

Tools of the Trade

Exterior differential geometry is the natural mathematical language to discuss differential properties of tensor fields on spacetime and their relation to integrals over material domains. My work heavily exploits this calculus to elucidate problems in relativistic spacetime physics. There are numerous references for differential geometry and General Relativity, but the one that has had the most impact is:

The main reason for this is that one of the authors (Robin W. Tucker) was my PhD supervisor; hence this book contains the majority of notation and conventions that permeate my own work. I would point to the following resource:

which delivers an excellent pedagogical introduction to differential forms and their application in physics.

My Academic Network

My collaborators include:

For a bit of fun, here is some information about my academic network: