Modules Studied for my MSci degree


Here is a breakdown of the modules I studied during my MSci Theoretical Physics with Applied Mathematics degree at Lancaster University.

First Year Modules (HE4)
Mathematics: Algebraic Concepts
Analytical Methods
Discrete Methods
Foundation Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Series & Functions
Physics: Fundamental Mechanics
Mechanics of Real Systems
Mechanical Waves & Sound
Thermal Properties of Matter
Theoretical Analysis

Second Year Modules (HE5)
Mathematics: Complex Analysis
Groups & Rings
Linear Algebra
Real Analysis
Physics: Classical Waves
Electromagnetism I
Mathematical Physics I & II
Quantum Mechanics I
Solid State Physics I
Special Relativity
Theoretical Mechanics & Variations
Theoretical Quantum Mechanics
Thermal Physics

Third Year Modules (HE6)
Mathematics: Differential Equations
Representation Theory
Physics: Advanced Relativity
Atomic & Nuclear Physics
Electromagnetism II
Fluid Dynamics
Particle Physics I
Quantum Mechanics II
Solid State Physics II
Statistical Physics
Projects: Applications of Group Theory to Quantum Mechanics
Electromagnetic Radiation from an Arbitrarily Moving Charged Particle
Operator Techniques in Quantum Mechanics

Fourth Year Modules (HE7)
Mathematics: Character Theory
Hilbert Space
Topology & Fractals
Physics: Advanced Magnetism
Matter at Low Temperature
Particle Physics II
Quantum Mechanics III
Project: Differential Geometry with Applications to Physics