I am an applied mathematician working at the University of Bolton as a Lecturer in the Mathematics department. My teaching role encompasses elements of abstract algebra and functional analysis. My main field of research is within classical and quantum electrodynamics and their applications to accelerator science. Further details are available in the research section.  I am also a member of the Institute of Physics and the London Mathematical Society, with not just a passion for the subjects, but a drive to disseminate my work to all those willing to listen. 
      http://www.iop.org/                    http://www.bolton.ac.uk/                   http://www.lms.ac.uk/

I am a big fan of music and can often be found with headphones on or playing on my bass guitar. I have played many gigs with bands covering different genres of music, though currently have my hands full with new additions to the family, so just going to a gig is a luxury! For more details, head over to the music section.